Hint: It's Latin for Good Food
October 22-23, 2018

Gina Asoudegan

Vice President, Mission & Innovation


Gina Asoudegan is Vice President of Mission and Innovation Strategy at Applegate where she leads the company’s Powered By Applegate initiative, an incubator team charged with creating new products and establishing regional supply chains that employ regenerative agriculture practices.

Gina started her career in food more than 25 Years ago as a restauranteur and caterer in Philadelphia where she was an early adopter of the Farm-to-Table movement. She later co-founded the Bucks County Foodshed Alliance to develop farmers markets and create the infrastructure needed for farmers to sell their products to restaurants and institutions.

During her tenure at Applegate, Gina has worked closely with NGOs to raise awareness about the misuse of antibiotics in animals raised for food. She also led the production and marketing of the documentary film, RESISTANCE, garnering global distribution for the film on Netflix.

Gina is on the advisory boards of the Savory Institute, the Non-GMO Supply Working Group, the Sustainable Food Lab and The National Young Farmers Coalition.


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