Hint: It's Latin for Good Food
October 22-23, 2018

Miguel Garza

CEO & Co-Founder
Siete Family Foods


Miguel Garza is the driving force behind Siete. When his sister Veronica was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions, he urged Veronica to adopt a grain-free diet and the family of seven (siete) joined in support of her health journey. Eating grain-free meant that this third-generation Mexican-American family could no longer eat traditional flour or corn tortillas, so Veronica created grain-free tortillas the whole family could enjoy. Miguel saw a niche market for grain-free tortillas in Austin and collaborated with Veronica to sell her creations at Wheatsville, and the company took off from there. With a knack for business development and fostering relationships, Miguel has played an integral role in the company and continues to use his position as Co-Founder and CEO of Siete to inspire and empower the Latino community by creating healthier food options. Siete Family Foods is passionate about making and sharing real food, and promoting healthier lifestyles among Latino families.


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