Hint: It's Latin for Good Food
October 22-23, 2018

Raghav Bhandari

Business Development Specialist - CPG
Fair Trade USA


Life goals for Raghav: Use communication to make positive social impact. And hug an orangutan.

The second goal has not yet been achieved, but the first goal is in the works. His role at Fair Trade USA gives him an opportunity to be a bridge between brands that want to do good, and consumers who want to support those brands. He gets the privilege of working directly with 200+ brands that are partners of this nonprofit based in Oakland, CA. These companies source Fair Trade Certified ingredients in products that range from chocolates to spices, and candles to lip balms. He gets to sleep a tiny bit better at night knowing that Fair Trade certification provides over 700 social, economic, and environmental protections to the producing farms, factories, and fisheries around the world. But most of the night he’s dreaming about orangutans.


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